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We here at The Sanctuary have such lovely practitioners, we just had to share them with you... Read below to learn about them all and the modalities they work with.

Leslie Stroffolino

Stone Healings with Leslie Stroffolino. If you've been in The Sanctuary, you know Leslie from her working behind the counter. We are bringing her out from behind the counter now. What you may not know is that she is the most talented Stone Healer we have ever met.

No matter what is ailing you, Leslie will let the stones tell her how to help. Leslie is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and some Saturdays for private sessions. cost: $50 for 30min $85 for hour sesions. Call to set up your stoning.


Gretchen Smith Thermer

Gretchen has spent her life pursuing her spiritual studies. This life path has lead her to studying with many fabulous teachers all enhancing her gifts. With over 20 years experience as a Channeler and Medium, Gretchen will connect with your Guides and Angels allowing you to get your questions answered. This information is brought forward to assist in and enhance your journey.

Gretchen is best known as a Medium and Intuitive, but her skills do not end there. Gretchen is a Reiki Master, Ritual Master and Elemental Master, and initiated Teacher and Guide in the lineage of King Solomon. She is also available for Energy balancing, Energetic Cord Cuttings and DNA Activations. Gretchen receives guidance from your Guides and Guardians through out her healing work assuring that you get what you need. Basic Protocal $111 and takes about and hour. Call to schedule your session at The Sanctuary in Carmel, at 860-387-3361; she is also available for phone readings. She is available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & most Saturdays. Readings are $80 for 30 minutes, and $125 for 60 minutes.

It is Gretchen's deepest desire to assist people in their lives.

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Angela Sabatino

Angela has been working as a psychic for over twenty years. She is gifted in psychometry, being able to read your energy through a personal item, that she holds.



Diana Johnstone

Diana is truly a woman of Light. She has been a psychic card reader for decades. Come and experience her beautiful gift.

Deana Paqua

Deana Paqua is a shamanic healer and spiritual teacher, whose work focuses on helping others heal themselves through gentle, but poweful hands-on techniques. Deana integrates healing aspects of the natural world and spiritual world through bodywork, energy balancing, shamanic healing and spiritual guidance in her sessions. Deana focuses on helping others ease pain, trauma, and life transitions.

Deana offers Munay Ki Rites, Reiki and Shamanic Reiki classes and shamanic healing. Learn more about Deana's work at


Phil Quinn

Philip Quinn is an extraordinary medium with more than two decades of experience communicating with those who have died. His readings have brought peace and comfort to thousands of people all over the world.

As a life guide, Philip also offers direction, sharing insight from the other side to help those at a crossroad find their purpose and path.

Phil holds gallery sessions at the Sanctuary in Carmel. Everyone is guaranteed to connect with a loved one.



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